"Close to Home" (2005)

"Close to Home" was released in the year 2005. "Close to Home" is also called as American Crime, Close to Home, Fiscal Chase, Juste cause, Justicia cerrada.

CLOSE TO HOME is a legal drama that tears away the facade of suburbia to reveal that sometimes quiet and tranquil streets can hide the darkest of crimes. Annabeth Chase (Jennifer Finnigan) is a young, aggressive prosecutor with a perfect conviction record who tries the cases that come out of her own neighborhood. Returning to work after having her first child, Annabeth is ready to take on the most difficult cases, fueled by her passion to protect her community and her family. Challenging Annabeth's legal strategies is her new boss, Maureen Scofield (Kimberly Elise), a no-nonsense lawyer not afraid to push her hard. Leading the team is Steve Sharpe (John Carroll Lynch), who is one of Annabeth's biggest supporters but is concerned about how her cases will play in the media. Annabeth's husband, Jack (Christian Kane), is devoted to their family and is a rock for her to lean on when the challenges of her job start to infringe on their home life.

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