Palmetto (1998)

Palmetto was released in the year 1998. Palmetto is also called as Palmetto, Crime em Palmetto, Dumme sterben nicht aus, Palmetto - Un torbido inganno, Seducción letal, Tiro pela Culatra.

After being released from prison on a bum charge, Harry Barber is out for some payback to regain the two years he has lost. He is hired by Mrs. Malroux to fake the kidnapping of her stepdaughter (the daughter of a dying millionaire). He discovers that he is being set up on multiple levels and will soon face a longer prison sentence if he does not prove the truth to the police.

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Palmetto Casts

Palmetto actors and actress include Woody Harrelson, Elisabeth Shue, Gina Gershon, Chloë Sevigny, Cory Blevins.

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