Soccer Dog: The Movie (1999)

Soccer Dog: The Movie was released in the year 1999. Soccer Dog: The Movie is also called as Centravanti a quattro zampe, Delantero muy peludo, Un, Gos futbolista, El, Lincoln - Ein Hund von einem Stürmer, Lincoln - fotbollshunden, Rankkureita ja mustia sukkia, Soccer Dog - Ein Hund bleibt am Ball, Soccer Dog, or How I Learned to Stop W.

A successful man with nostalgia for his days as a soccer player attempts to adopt an orphan so he can teach him all about his favorite sport. But soon after bringing the lad home, the new father is disappointed to discover that the lad is not interested in playing soccer. This creates tension, until a stray dog with a remarkable talent for playing soccer shows up and helps to bring father and new son together.

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Soccer Dog: The Movie Casts

Soccer Dog: The Movie actors and actress include Olivia d'Abo, Sam McMurray, Kirk Baily, Franklin Dennis Jones, Jennifer Lyons, John H. Brister.

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