To Sir, with Love (1967)

To Sir, with Love was released in the year 1967. To Sir, with Love is also called as Herausgefordert, Junge Dornen, Ódio Que Gerou o Amor, O, Al maestro con cariño, Anges aux poings serrés, Les, Ao Mestre, Com Carinho, Rebelión en las aulas, Scuola della violenza, La, Upproriska, De.

Engineer Mark Thackeray arrives to teach a totally undisciplined class at an East End school. Still hoping for a good engineering job, he's hopeful that he won't be there long. He starts implementing his own brand of classroom discipline: forcing the pupils to treat each other with respect. Inevitably he begins getting involved in the students' personal lives, and must avoid the advances of an amorous student while winning over the class tough. What will he decide when the engineering job comes through?

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To Sir, with Love Casts

To Sir, with Love actors and actress include Sidney Poitier, Michael Des Barres.

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