Twisted (2004/I) (1989)

Twisted (2004/I) was released in the year 1989. Twisted (2004/I) is also called as Blackout, A Marca, Acechada, Giro inesperado, Instincts meurtriers, Pistes troubles, Tela dell'assassino, La, The Blackout Murders, Twisted, Twiste.

Jessica Shepard is an on the rise police officer of San Francisco's esteemed police department, after having solved a big case about a serial killer. Her mentor John Mills is proud of Jessica as a father would be of his daughter, since Mills was the partner of Jessica's late father. With a newly established promotion, Jessica finds that she might once again have to prove herself in a department that takes no prisoners. Not to mention a new partner named Mike Delmarco, who might be Jessica's next closest thing to a confidant. However, a man has been found dead and the two officers are brought into the investigation. What they find is a surprise when the dead in question was a man Jessica slept with, he being part of a list of one night stands that Jessica has engaged in. Now under suspicion and a terrible drinking problem gnawing at her, Jessica will have to prove to her superiors and to her skeptical partner that she's not the one behind the murders and Mills is one of the few people standing behind her. This is a story about a woman trying to find the perpetrator of these horrible crimes, before she herself might end as one of them.

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Twisted (2004/I) 74167
Twisted (2004/I) 74165
Twisted (2004/I) 74163
Twisted (2004/I) 74160
Twisted (2004/I) 72483
Twisted (2004/I) 72481
Twisted (2004/I) 72479
Twisted (2004/I) 72477
Twisted (2004/I) 72475
Twisted (2004/I) 71442
Twisted (2004/I) 71440
Twisted (2004/I) 71435
Twisted (2004/I) 71432
Twisted (2004/I) 69871
Twisted (2004/I) 69869
Twisted (2004/I) 69866
Twisted (2004/I) 69863
Twisted (2004/I) 69859
Twisted (2004/I) 137809

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