Manon des sources (1986)

Manon des sources was released in the year 1986. Manon des sources is also called as A Vingança de Manon, Jean de Florette II, Jean de Florette del 2 - Manons källa, Manon 1986), Manon das Nascentes, Manon delle sorgenti, Manon des sources: Jean de Florette 2e partie, Manon of the Spring, Manon ze zr&.

In this, the sequel to Jean de Florette, Manon (Beart) has grown into a beautiful young shepherdess living in the idyllic Provencal countryside. She determines to take revenge upon the men responsible for the death of her father in the first film.

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Manon des sources Casts

Manon des sources actors and actress include Yves Montand, Daniel Auteuil, Emmanuelle B¨¦art, Hippolyte Girardot, Ticky Holgado.

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