Saint Jack (1979)

Saint Jack was released in the year 1979. Saint Jack is also called as Jack le magnifique, Saint Jack - kungen av Singapore, Saint Jack, el rey de Singapur, Singaporen kuningas.

Compelling character study, revolving around Jack Flowers (Ben Gazzara), an American hustler trying to make his fortune in 1970s Singapore in small time pimping. He dreams of building a fortune by running a brothel himself and returning to the States to lead a life of luxury. Savvy but not unsavory he strikes up a friendship with William Leigh (Denholm Elliot), a genial and decent auditor who travels to Singapore every year. Ultimately, the background of the Vietnam War comes into the picture as Jack is offered the opportunity by the CIA to run a brothel for the R&R activities of U.S. soldiers on leave in Singapore.

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Saint Jack Casts

Saint Jack actors and actress include Ben Gazzara, Joss Ackland, Peter Bogdanovich, George Lazenby.

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