Saint Ralph (2004)

Saint Ralph was released in the year 2004.

Set in Hamilton in 1954, Saint Ralph is the unlikely story of Ralph Walker, a ninth grader who outran everyone's expectations except his own in his bold quest to win the Boston Marathon. Ralph is a fatherless 14-year-old with a seriously ill mother, who knows he's a time bomb waiting to explode into greatness, except that he has no idea where that greatness will manifest itself. An unfortunate incident of self-abuse in the community pool inadvertently sets him on this road when, as penance, Ralph is conscripted to the cross-country team. Desperate to believe a miracle will bring his mother out of a coma, Ralph becomes a convert to the church of running, and determines to win the Boston Marathon.

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Saint Ralph Casts

Saint Ralph actors and actress include Gordon Pinsent, Jennifer Tilly, Shauna Macdonald, Tamara Hope, Keir Gilchrist, Boyd Banks.

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