Side Effects (2002)

Side Effects was released in the year 2002.

An aimless, unemployed, shy guy named Alex signs up for a 3-week stay at LABCO, an experimental drug testing facility. For $3,000, he agrees to become a human guinea pig and receive daily injections of a mystery drug. As the study progresses, Alex meets another volunteer named Crystal. Beautiful, smart, funny, with a mischievous streak, she is the girl of his dreams. Their relationship deepens with every injection, but before long, the side effects of the drug begin to kick in. As the volunteers become ill, paranoid, and violent, the study is abruptly terminated. Separated from Crystal, Alex learns the true nature of the drug he has been taking and faces the prospect of never seeing his soulmate again.

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Side Effects Casts

Side Effects actors and actress include Cameron McHarg.

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