Sylvia (2003)

Sylvia was released in the year 2003. Sylvia is also called as Sylvia, Sylvia - Paixão Além das Palavras, Ted and Sylvia, The Beekeeper's Daughter.

Talented but plagued by her owns demons Sylvia Plath's early relationship with husband and fellow poet, Ted Hughes, is dominated by Ted's ambition and success. In the early years of their marriage Sylvia lacks inspiration and increasingly senses Ted's infidelity. The unspoken question is whether Ted's extra-marital affairs are the result of Sylvia's own insecurities or whether Sylvia's deepening depression is exacerbated by her husbands philandering. It is only towards the end, when they are separated, that Sylvia is able to truly explore the dark depths of her soul and write the searingly brilliant poetry that earned her fame.

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Sylvia actors and actress include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jared Harris, Blythe Danner, Michael Gambon, Amira Casar.

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