The Sea of Grass (1947)

The Sea of Grass was released in the year 1947. The Sea of Grass is also called as Endlos ist die Prärie, Mar de hierba, Lainehtiva tasanko, Mare d'erba, Il, Parastratima mias miteras, To, Prärie, Prærie, Terra de Ambições.

The highly melodramatic western begins with St. Louis resident Katharine Hepburn marrying New Mexico cattleman Spencer Tracy after a short courtship. When she arrives in "Salt Pork, NM" she finds that her new husband is considered by the locals to be a tyrant who uses force to keep homesteaders off the government owned land he uses for grazing his cattle--the so-called Sea of Grass. Hepburn's character, Lutie, has difficulty reconciling her husband's beliefs and passions with her own, and eventually leaves him just long enough to conceive a child with her husband's moral enemy. Two years later, in the midst of a crisis, her husband discovers her infidelity and forces her to leave--without her two children (husband's daughter and other man's son).

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The Sea of Grass Casts

The Sea of Grass actors and actress include Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Melvyn Douglas, Phyllis Thaxter.

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